Alpha Babe

1-on-1 w/ Camille Leblanc-Bazinet



Ready to take your fitness to a whole other level? Ready to walk into the office and have everyone suddenly want to be in your orbit just because? Finally ready to commit to becoming the ultimate Alpha you've always wanted to be? Jumpstart your journey with 1-on-1 coaching with Camille.

Founder, scientist, athlete, Camille has worked with thousands of clients turning them into ultimate Alpha Babes both at home and at work. 


  • Personal 1-on-1 call with Camille to construct a comprehensive training, nutrition, and lifestyle plan tailored to your goals to help overcome plateaus and challenges so you can find your training groove.
  • Coaching to formulate a highly effective nutrition and training prescription based on your needs and goals.
  • Lifestyle Mapping with a schedule to optimize your time outside the gym.
  • Customized Written Out Diet with a nutrient timing schedule and supplement plan to understand and maximize your bodies transformation
  • Weekly Check-Ins to track your progress with Camille and receive personal adjustments. Accountability and consistency will help you reach your goals fast
  • Access to the right training plan
  • Full Client Analysis form with all training, nutrition and lifestyle Rx'd
  • Counseling to navigate complicated questions and challenges like injury, time constraints, and health concerns.
  • Medical Referrals to find the right hormonal education to help you no matter what stage of life you are in. Understand what bloodwork and tests you need to meet your goals.
  • Show Prep coaching for athletes looking to get on stage

    This is your chance to take your fitness to the next level with expert guidance. Get the individualized attention you need to create the perfect plan for you and your lifestyle, with insights and referrals to make your journey a success. Be ready to turn heads and unleash your inner Alpha!

    *Link for scheduling your personal 1:1 call with Camille will be sent via email after check out*


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    Program Length: One Month
    Program Length: One Month


    Quick program answers to help you find your vibe

    Are all the programs the same?

    No. While they are all built with the same goal in mind, to help you get fit and strong, they are not all the same. Different programs apply the methodology in ways the result in slightly different physiques.

    what apps are the programs available on?

    Alpha Babe programming is available on TRAIN HEROIC and BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD. Just click the button under the program for the app you prefer and you are on your way.

    what about the shred?

    The SHRED is a 30-Day challenge that uses our Alpha Babe programming. The challenge provides you with more nutritional support, sets goals, and adjustments in our community Facebook group to help you achieve your goals.

    i just had a baby or am coming back from an injury. is alpha babe right for me?

    Absolutely. Our programs have been used by new moms, expecting moms, and athletes returning to action from all over. Camille's experience as an athlete, mother, and scientist has led her on a journey to help women train and make adjustments that account for unique hormonal changes experienced by women.

    i do crossfit or orange theory but want to lean out a bit more or add some muscle. Are the Alpha Babe programs a good fit?

    Yes. All of our programs can be done alongside other training methodologies so you can still enjoy going to classes while accomplishing your physique goals.

    What kind of equipment do I need?

    That is one of the great things about our programs. You can do it with minimal equipment like a barbell, plates, dumbbells, bands, and a squat rack. Our Flow Babe program even focuses on using mostly bodyweight with resistance bands and other super light equipment.

    i have a gym. do you offer affiliate programming?

    We hear this question all the time and the short answer is yes. Our goal is to service those gyms that are looking for something extra to provide their members with. So we like to sit down and have a call to uncover what you need, how to deliver it to your members, and provide yourself with a new, sustainable revenue stream as well as something exciting your members will love.